Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malaysian Political Oscar 2008 - brought to you by Huzir Sulaiman

Huzir's a brilliant writer adn director. I remembered I watch his play "Atomic Jaya" when I was working in KL and I laughed my heart out and tears too!!! OK, I don't think his acting turn in the Mr. Bean inspired Malaysian production of "Bendul" impresses me but Atomic Jaya certainly did. He has a blog called Wide Angle, I think it's the same name of the column he has in The Star (or NST? forgot lah cox boycott already!).

Oh...speaking of which the article was spiked by the newspaper and I searched the dictionary.com for the meaning of spiked and found this

Journalism Slang. to refuse (a story) by or as if by placing on a spindle.

So since it's spiked, there's no chance you will read it in any mainstream newspaper, read it here

P/S : Of course, it will be extra funny to those of you who loves cinema as the nominee's work are real movie, old or new.

Let's laugh!!!

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