Saturday, September 27, 2008

Once : Simplicity At Its BEST

Tagline : How Often Do You Find The Right Person?

The first time I heard about this movie was when it was nominated for the Best Song in the 2008 Oscar. It's a dark house when you compete against Hollywood biggies i.e. the songs from the Disney's "Enchanted" and you know what? They WON!!!! Made a mental note to myself to buy the DVD if I happen to see it. So, I found it in Sarawak and bought it and it was stashed together with other DVDs until this fateful afternoon when I popped it in to the DVD player after clearing some piles of work (yeah....I'm a corporate slave!!!!).
The premise of the movie is simple. Not really musical but the whole movie was filled with songs, yes, the singer who's the main actor in the movie has a high-pitch sad and soulful voice ('s the "in" thing now right? With James Blunt, Paolo Nutini etc.......) and don't be fooled by it thinking it's the stereotypical movie.
OK, I might sound oxymoronic and contradicting myself here. The story line is SIMPLE. A guy busking on the street with his guitar in Dublin. Met the girl (no mention of their name actually) who's from Czech. They share the same passion in music and some relationship history as the guy has an ex-gf in London while the girl had a baby girl and her husband who's back in Czech. The guy want to cut a few songs recorded and they made up a band with some other street buskers. They got something on but nothing happen, no sex, no relationship. He went to London to look for his ex-gf and her husband came to settle down with her in Dublin. It ends with the guy bought a piano for her which she couldn't afford.
The whole movie was subtle and while the chemistry was not exploding like the fireworks during Beijing Olympic Games, it's surprisingly grippling and intense. See how am I contradicting myself here??? With nice songs and simple story lines as opposed to the vivengveng elaborate costumes and grande orchestrated songs in typical West End or Broadway musical, this is a real gem with realism aplenty in the portrayal of the characters and its story line. Not to mention the songs keep playing in my head now.....
Simple stuff touches the feelings most. Excessive addition only made the whole thing saturated.
One of the best movie I watch this year. Definitely in my year end list. And I definitely gonna get my hands on the soundtrack!!!!


RunWitMe said...

I think the director made the right choice by hiring singers than actor to do the film. They really sings from the heart and it shows.

I will look for you the collector's edition soundtrack for you. It is limited in Malaysia but abundant in Singapore. If I can't get it fr KL, I will get it from you from Singapore. Going for Sg Marathon year end. The DVD that come with the soundtrack complement the show quite nicely with live performance - on the street! and interviews.

Can't imagine if the use actors for the film, instead of real singer. Shudder! Think Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia! LOL!

CK said...

thnx a lot. looking forward to tat.

TRACE said...

I like this -> "Simple stuff touches the feelings most."
yet, how many of us really go for simplicity and feel it?