Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Date with Mona Lisa 2 - The Louvre

I went to the Louvre, the most visited art museum in the world, early morning to avoid long queue and pray silently that it will not be raining since the sky is gloomy, pregnant with signs of raining.

Queueing patiently outside the glass pyramid designed by I.M.Pei.

The door opened and all the visitors rushing to see the famous Mona Lisa, hoping to be enchanted by the purportedly most beautiful smile in the world?

Those who know how to read instruction will find the hall where she located easily but yes.... many don't know how to read map I guess. And you can some just go to The Louvre to see Mona Lisa ONLY!!!! What a waste???

So, this is her!!! Also known as La Gioconda, she was wrapped inside a protective glass cover and barricade erected about 2m around her. Well, unless you bring a binocular, you won't be enchanted. I am, for instance, are not.

That aside, I think there are lots of other great work by other artiste which are really interesting. My point is, The Louvre is a nice place and unfortunately Mona Lisa overshadow the other works. If you have the chance to go to The Louvre, spend more time and explore more and you will find that your time is definitely well-spent. More to come....


RunWitMe said...

Pregnant with the sign of raining? LOL! First time I hear that!

CruelAngel said...

I can see the MONA LISA more clearly on the WWW than the real one.

The mona lisa is air-tighted as well for the fear or erosion.

a blardy drawings. A naked Pamela Anderson looks mmuch better than MONA LISA.


CK said...

haha... trying to personify object which i guess failed miserably.

speaking of pamela, i think Borat definitely agree with you. Oh, I re-watch Borat last night and it's still offensively funny hahaha....