Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montpellier Pt 3 - Raclette

As I mentioned in my previous post, my host, Olivier is VERY generous. Besides dispensing travel advices in Montpellier, he also cook!!! I joined him for a few meals and I'm very grateful that I have him as my host. He took pain in preparing some meals for us together and explain to me what the French people normally eat and the stuff they eat, of course.

At that particular night, he prepared raclette using the multipurpose grill. Cheese of course is not lacking from a French meal table and raclette is actually a semi-firm salted cheese melted half-way on the raclette grill eaten with some sausages or salads.

The cheese was semi-melted inthe small pan under the electric grill.

Coupled with pickles, salad, French bread and raclette and of course the famous Brittany cider, it's magnifique!!!!


CruelAngel said...
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CruelAngel said...


dont be so cruel la, I used about a minutes to write that comment le.

Anyway, it seems that your food seems a bit better than what teresa kok had.

CK said...

thought u r the cruel one.

you used a minute to crack your grey cells to generate some brilliant sentences that you find humourous for yourself but hurt other people's feeling, and i think tat's definitely more than a minute.

anyway, thanks for commenting.

CruelAngel said...

If everyone acted like saints then there will be no devils left in this world.

Then, Good Saint and Bad Saint marks the differents?

If all Bad saint killed, then left the GOod2 Saints Vs Good Saints?

wE NEED evil to show their is good in this world. LOL :p


Anonymous said...

I am sure this is better than Teresa KOk's food.

CK said...

good luck with your self-fulfilling prophecies. whatever suits you.

of course!!!