Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Hot Soup For Cooking

I wrote in June before on what AAB should learn from the other leaders in the region, to acquire a new hobby here
Looks like Thailand's PM "part time" stint on TV cooking landed him in hot soup. The court asked him and his cabinet to resign. That's something right? I can't comment much but that certainly something, though in retrospect, it might not be that surprising since I think Thailand is the most "coup"ed nation in the modern days.
So, back to Malaysia, I wonder what's actually cooking now till Sept 16?
P/S : Some post on my recent holiday in Fat Lan Sai will follow....


Pok Kam said...

Moral of the story, never cook and run a country at the same time? : )

Anonymous said...

he is quite a good cook actually, i went to one of his show in thailand.

indeed a better cook than crook!

HopefulPessimist said...

...I wonder what's actually cooking now till Sept 16?

Drama after drama of course!