Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Wickedly Spent Afternoon

I always wanted to watch a show or a musical in London. During my previous trip 3 years ago, I missed the chance and this time around, I will never gonna let that happen again. So, I searched the internet and found the cheapest ticket available for a matinee show on Saturday will be GBP37.75 inclusive of tax. That's the cheapest and I have no other alternative. My Korean colleague who was also in the meeting with me bought tickets to watch Mamma Mia and it cost them GBP80!!! That was about half a k in ringgit, and he said it's about GBP100 when the show went to Seoul and they couldn't even get a ticket. So, I think I'm blessed to get this GBP37.75 though it's equivalent to the flight ticket that brought me from London Stansted to Montpellier, France 3 weeks before that!!!

I booked via internet and have to collect the ticket on the day itself at the theatre and I just have to tell my name at the box office counter. Haha... the envelope above is with name and yes, it feels like VIP though the seat is what we call "san deng wai" or "peak seat" in Cantonese referring to the highest and furthest seats from the stage.

Oh, the musical I watched is called Wicked. Wiki here . It's based on a book which was first staged in Broadway before being moved to London's West End and grabbed the No. 1 show in London in just a short while. The book/musical is loosely based on the The Wizard of Oz. Great singing and entertaining piece.

My "peak seat" or it's formally called Dress Circle high up inside the theatre. The downside of it is that I couldn't barely see the expression of the actors on stage, most of the time just manage to see the top of their head... Oh, they rent binocular in front of each of the seat for 50pc!! Great!!!

The stage is full of high-tech props and sound system is brilliant with good sound-proof wall etc. The usual light and smoke and mechanical/robotic props aplenty.

Taken after the end of the show. It's a great show, funnily entertaining and gives you something to ponder too, the same as other worth watching works of art. There were other musicals playing at the other theatres too but I guess liangmoi will definitely wanna watch one based on the story of the pop boyband Take That. Not for me though. And lots of Shakespeare play with big names like Dame Judy Dench and popular movie stars such as Josh Harnett but I don't understand Shakespeare as much as I want to so I will skip it.

Anyway, all I wanna say is a wickedly spent afternoon....


CruelAngel said...

I didnt even wanted to listen or watch musical in Vienna. Sounds so dull to me...

There are so many HARD SALES- Salesmen there trying to coax me into one.

If its a Thai-girl shows, I would have gone in without beggings!

hahaha, I guess we are 2 opposite type of soul. LOL!

CK said...

i guess wat u hav in Vienna is actually more to opera type. this is different.

and yes, everyone is different.