Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montpellier Pt 2 : Fake Painting???

I was having some light and easy time in Montpellier, strolling around the town without rushing and enjoying the sun and the occasional shower along the way. My host, Olivier is always helpful in suggesting places to go and having heard about the fake painting, I'm intrigued and decided to check it out on my last day in Montpellier before leaving for Aix en Provence.

Of all the "fake painting", I like this most because it has real people around it, creating a feeling that the drawn human are real people too, except that it will not move if you stare at them for some time haha....

Paparazzi on the loose?

Can someone enlighten me on the right term for this so-called fake painting? I'm sure there's a name for it. Thanks in advance.


CruelAngel said...

indeed good

do they have FAKE Painting in Red light district.

They wont move even if I *touched* them??

That's sounds like FREE MEAL! LOL!

chongerin said...

Mural?? hahaha..

zewt said...

man... u have been doing A LOT of travelling!

CK said...

hi zewt,
err... i admit i did more this yr. but i think it's just because i post more post on it so it create an impression i travel a lot. just 16 days in france. :)

syyew said...

it is most probably called a 'trompe l'oeil mural'. hope this helps. :)
waaa waaaa waaaa, i still wanna go :(

CK said...

thanks yew's wife. hei, wat's ur name? it feels rude to address you as yew's wife :)
wanna go, ask yew to bring you lah!!!

syyew said...

aiya....he says sudah pegi before. sayang duit aje. :(

btw, i'm shyan yih