Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menghitung Hari

Suddenly, the song made popular by Kris Dayanti kept playing in my head. Wonder why.......
Kris Dayanti
Menghitung Hari
Menghitung hari
Detik demi detik
Masa kunanti apakan ada
Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang
Menghitung hari
I'm just having the first part of the song here as the later parts are too mushy-mushy and not relevant to how I'm feeling right now.... Am I the one who's menghitung hari so that my beloved nation will be getting more sanity or it's actually dedicated to someone who's suppose to menghitung his hari already by now???


Anonymous said...

All this ISA detention is suppose to be the finale for The Drama "New MAlaysia"?

As the usual ending to Hollywood movies; The King, The Saint and The Journalist being held ransom.

The Starring @ Anwar got to make the rescue by sending few of his most trusted aids to Taiwan to get the necessery support while Anwar himself deal with the current issue.

Just like the usual Finale, it will always be NOW or NEVER!

HopefulPessimist said...

how ironic isn't it? can be for both

CruelAngel said...



Tshing Teng said...

Nails are starting to fill the coffin. Wonder which one will be the final nail.

Sebastian said...

Can't wait for a refreshing change of governance!

CK said...

agreed. it's really now or never.

it's definitely both.

susah kan? memang pun.

i overheard the funeral music being played. rehearsal maybe....

me too!!!