Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aix en Provence 8 : Montpellier-Marseille-Aix

To go to Aix en Provence, one has to first go to Marseille before proceeding to Aix. I took a train from Montpellier to Marseille, which I will be back after spending two days in Aix to meet up with Pierre's parents who's generous enough to have me with them at their house in Marseille before following them to their little cottage in Saint Jeans en Royans!!! I LOVE my time there and it's such a nice getaway to the French countryside.

The train from Montpellier to Marseille. Typical nice comfortable train. Forgot how much it was but it's definitely not cheap I think. Oh, the dogs get to travel too.

With nothing to do other than reading the ever-dependable Lonely Planet, I want to do other things. What better thing to do than doing some house-cleaning er....should be bag cleaning in this case I think. Throw the receipts etc...and found this receipt of my breakfast in McD. The interesting bits of this, well other than the expensive 7.40euro (about RM37) breakfast, is the Code WC at the bottom of the list. The restrooms in McD is not really free but if you have your meals or buy something, the code in the receipt enable you to use the facilities. Cool heh?

The train passed by Arles famously known as the place where Van Gogh painted lots of his work. I am not so sure whether the famous Starry Starry Night or the Sunflower was painted here but with the short time I have, I decided to skip it. Sorry Vincent!

Reached Marseille finally and above is the view of Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde from the Gare St Charles train station. More of the Basilique later...... Walk about 10mins to the bus stop to Aix en Provence.

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