Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who's the Best Defender?

In the recent madness created by the now "famous" Ahmad Ismail, lots of articles were written about the whole shameful episode. And among all those, I find Nathaniel Tan's "The Real Danger of Ahmad Ismail" is particularly interesting though Tan himself is known to be torch bearer for DSAI but the article is worth a read. Go look up in Malaysiakini (If you are a subscriber) but I think you can search it in his blog as well.
"Fluster, bluster, sound and fury will amount to very little. At the end of the day, the best defender of non-Malay rights is a Malay, and the best defender of Malay rights is a non-Malay" - excerpt from Nathaniel Tan's "The Real Danger of Ahmad Ismail" - let's think about this


Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter if Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3 or 30 years or maybe 300 years if he lives long enough for that. What matter most is his undying will to stir up racial politics in Malaysia from Bukit Bendera.

Aside from his supporters, there isn’t anyone that supports his ultra-Malay ideology. Ahmad is in his fifty and with his current strength in UMNO its unlikely he will ever hold any minister post in the future that’s why he has to gamble with the Ultra-Malay ideology in order to rocket himself to the top.

Politician are really asshole, they will do anything to gain power.

CK said...


i really hope there's not many ultra around. and i dun mean only ultra-Malay, but also any other race as well. the ultras won't augur well with the society we have here.