Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aix en Provence : The Lebanese Dinner


CruelAngel said...

lebanese food is small as arab food.\\\

all grillssss\\

very Yit hei

Helen said...

Looks good.

What's up with the Alfa in the picture? Your rented car? :-P

CK said...

u r correct!

yeah... wish tat's my rented car. so helen, u attracted to expensive cars huh?

CruelAngel said...

I mean same with ARAB food.

ALFA ROMEO in france... You got problem with your left hand driving?

ALFA ROMEO remind me of SILVA Dust (the one we dont speak about).

He said " u tink ferari pretty, wait till u see Alfa romea!"

for f8ck sake, i have seen both... Alfa romeo are no match for ferari.

i think a ferari can buy at least 10x alfa romeo.

CK said...

haha.... the one we don't speak about!!!!

tell tat to him now, if u ever see him again.

Helen said...

Yeah, I'm attracted to expensive cars and men who can afford them.... :-P